Organic Orchards and Perennial Gardens

Casa Barrancas care, thoughtfulness, and charm extend well beyond just the living areas. As stewards, we strive to nurture the diverse array of plants and animals that thrive here. One way we do this is by maintaining our organic orchards and perennial gardens. Interspersed about the estate we have a full orchard of citrus trees, as well as macadamias, pomegranates and figs to name a few. The meandering river rock pathways allow for meditative walks amongst the fragrant grounds, while the cool shade of our secluded tea house is a guest favorite.

Never using pesticides or insecticides, we are deeply dedicated to organic gardening practices in order to create an abundance of biodiversity at Casa Barranca. In doing so, our intention is to enrich both the land and your experience while at the estate. Feel free to pick oranges from the orchard to enjoy fresh orange juice for breakfast!