From 100-year-old pines and mighty oaks to abundant fruit trees like figs, sapote and persimmon the abundant diversity of plant life that surrounds the estate is something all are sure to enjoy. Harvest from a variety of herbs and fruits in the terraced gardens and citrus orchards for your meals or snacks. Savor the aroma of blossoming neroli and jasmine while walking the contemplative pathways. Or, simply relax in dappled sunlight beneath fragrant eucalyptus after an afternoon hike and take in the beauty.      


Keeping with the philosophy of the American Arts and Crafts Movement which valued harmony with nature and its elements, the land is a vital part of the experience while staying at Casa Barranca. Whether you are wandering the river rock terraces of our organic gardens, exploring the world-class trails nearby, cozying up by the outdoor fire-pit, or taking in the expansive views of the Ojai Valley, the quiet spirit of this land is unforgettable.

As stewards, we strive to maintain its health in all we do. We are run entirely by solar electricity, use plant-based cleaning products, never use harmful pesticides or insecticides, and are dedicated to maintaining biodiversity with organic permaculture farming practices.



Our unique plant life attracts a diverse range of animals to the land. Redtail hawks can often be seen soaring above the valley floor, and some even nest atop the tall trees of the estate. A rapturous chorus of songbirds sounds off each morning, while hummingbirds, butterflies and bees make their daily rounds to the gardens budding flowers and perennials. Each animal brings its unique gift to our lands. We reciprocate that gift by respecting the sanctity of this place and the animals we share it with, and we appreciate that our guests do the same.


All water used for the house, pool, jacuzzi and gardens is sourced locally from our well, while in the winter months our seasonal creek can be enjoyed as it runs through the ravine beside the estate in its journey down from Nordhoff Peak.