Open Mind, Open Hearts and Skilled Hands.


Casa Barranca is a masterpiece of the American Arts and Crafts lineage, an artistic and architectural movement that rejected the desensitized and mechanistic design of the times in favor of careful attention to detail, harmonious integration with nature, restrained decor and thoughtful practicality. Tired of the overstated and imperious styles of the Victorian age, the front-runners of the Arts and Crafts movement aimed for a stylistic ideal that widened the definition of what art was, declaring that everyday objects could be just as beautiful and valuable as a fine sculpture or painting.

A life lived and a home designed in connection to nature rather than in power over nature was their source of genuine joy, health, spiritual well-being, and inspiration. They believed that the objects that surrounded a home affected its inhabitants deeply - that its decor, lighting, gardens, and walls all resonated and reflected the effort and care invested in their creation.

Charles and Henry Greene, the visionary architects that created Casa Barranca, took this ethos to heart, combining their inspiration from the simple yet ornate aesthetic of Japanese architecture with the soul of the American Arts and Crafts movement. What they produced is now a national historic landmark, a house like no other and one of the most beloved of their celebrated career.

Our Mission Today

We carry on the Arts and Crafts values by creating a self-sustainable community which nourishes creativity, allows for individual spiritual pursuits and employs organic permaculture practices. We embrace the time-honored traditions of fine craftsmanship, durability, sustainability, simplicity of design and lifestyle, and an intimate working relationship with the land. The ethos of Open Mind, Open Heart, and Skilled Hand lives on at Casa Barranca.