A Breath of Fresh Air.

Situated at the center of the first floor, the Anahata room is aptly named. According to Yogic philosophy, the Anahata chakra is the energetic center of the body and is associated with the heart and the element of air. With its craftsman quality, Western design and its understated Eastern-inspired decor, this spacious room sits at the center of an artful blend of functional and mystical.

Often bathed by the golden glow of the afternoon sun, this room is characterized by its elegant woodwork and airy, open feel. Complete with a queen-sized bed, an inviting clawfoot bathtub, easy access to the front porch, a hand-crafted writing desk, and an asymmetrical brick fireplace, the Anahata room also showcases the only stained glass window on the property, an iconic fixture of the architectural legacy of the Greene brothers.